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    The following article describes the template links feature. It explains its purpose and how to use it.

    Template links provide the ability to create a link from the Journey Sender with predefined data. The difference between this type of link and other links with pre-fill data is that this link can be sent to many end-users, and it would generate a new different session for each one. 


    (See Table 1)

    An insurance carrier insures all employees of companies X, Y, and Z. The carrier wishes to give their HR teams a single link to a generic policy onboarding digital process. Each link will be sent with predefined data:

    • Employer Name
    • Employer Email 
    • A different discount percentage for the quote calculation - different for each company

    For example:

    Table 1: Example


    Employer Name

    Employer Email

    Discount Percentage

    XDennis Robbins



    YNaomi Ribacknaomi@companyY19
    ZDee Smith



    To generate template links, please contact our support team.

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