Enhanced Performance and Security Maintenance Downtime
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    Enhanced Performance and Security Maintenance Downtime

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    EasySend's enhanced performance maintenance aims to optimize the efficiency and security of our digital processes. This maintenance is scheduled to take place on April 6th and 7th (Saturday and Sunday). We anticipate disruptions of up to 15 minutes multiple times within a five-hour window during this period. By fine-tuning our infrastructure and addressing potential bottlenecks and cyber threats, we can guarantee more security, faster response times, increased reliability, and improved performance. This maintenance is essential to ensure that we can maintain and deliver the highest quality of service possible. The following article describes when the maintenance will occur, what your end-user will experience while the maintenance is ongoing, and how your agents/representatives should address it in front of your end-users.

    Q & A

    The following questions and answers will provide all the information you need about the upcoming enhanced performance maintenance.

    What will happen?


    • You will experience downtime in The Builder platform.
    • Your production live digital process may be down and customers will not be able to: 
      •  Access digital processes.
      •  Fill out the information in a digital process that was open before the maintenance. 
      • Submit digital processes.

    When will it occur?


    In an effort to minimize impact, maintenance is scheduled according to location and least active hours:

    • United States - Sunday, April 7th (7:00 AM -12:00 PM UTC)
    • Israel, Europe, Japan & APAC   - Saturday, April 6th (7:00 PM -12:00 AM UTC)

    How long will it take?


    The maintenance will be conducted during a five-hour window with disruption of up to 15 min for multiple times in this time frame.

    What will the end customer see and experience? 

    During maintenance, a user who is in the process of filling out a digital form will encounter an experience similar to when the network connection is disrupted. Any data they have entered will be saved up to the point of the outage. Subsequently, the application will prevent the user from submitting the form and will display an error message. If the user refreshes the page, they will be presented with the maintenance page (see image 2 below) instead of the digital form. Once the server is back up and running, users will be able to resume their progress from where they left off.

    What are the advantages?


    Overall, conducting maintenance is essential for ensuring its reliability, security, and performance, as well as meeting the evolving needs of users and regulatory requirements. The main reasons we are conducting the upcoming maintenance are:

    • Performance Optimization - ensure smooth operation with optimal speed and performance. This includes addressing any performance bottlenecks, optimizing code, and fine-tuning servers and databases.
    • Security and cyber Updates - regular maintenance involves applying security patches, updating encryption protocols, and implementing security best practices to protect against cyber threats.
    • Scalability: as your user base grows or usage patterns change, your processes need to scale up to accommodate increased demand. Maintenance includes scaling infrastructure resources such as servers, storage, and bandwidth to ensure optimal performance under varying workloads.
    • Downtime Prevention - scheduled maintenance helps prevent unexpected downtime by proactively addressing potential issues before they impact users. This may involve performing system checks, software updates, and hardware upgrades during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions.

    Will data be corrupted? 


    The data integrity of your end-users is extremely important to us. 

    During the maintenance, if your end-users already started interacting with the digital process but it has gone down, all the 
    information they provide will be secured and saved. 

    When the maintenance duration is over, they will continue the process at the point where it first stopped.   

    You can communicate this information to your agents/representatives by downloading this article as a PDF file.

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