July 2023 - Dataverse and Salesforce Multiple Records
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    July 2023 - Dataverse and Salesforce Multiple Records

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    The following article describes how to use Dataverse and Salesforce for multiple records.

    Multiple Records Options

    (See Figure 1 and Figure 2)

    Figure 1: Select Query

    Salesforce and Dynamics queries can return multiple records as objects from their output. To run additional manipulations for each field in a record, we need to rearrange them as an array. In both Salesforce and Dataverse services, when we are running the Select (1) query, under Behavior Settings we will choose Select All.

    Figure 2: Multiple Records Options

    To use the Select All option you must first upgrade your environment servers to version 25.3.0 or above.

    Usage Examples

    (See Table 1)

    Our Dataverse/Salesforce records include the following information:

    Table 1: Records 










    When using the Select All option the records will be returned in the following structure: 

        "firstname": "Ronny",
        "lastname": "Riabck",
        "email": "r.riback@easysend.io"
        "firstname": "Dana",
        "lastname": "Robbins",
        "email": "dana@gmail"

    How to use the Select All Options

    (See Figure 3 to Figure 6)

    1. After choosing the Select All option, an object (1) is automatically added:

    Figure 3: New Object

    For Salesforce the object name will be salesforceObject.
    1. In the Outputs screen, we will add the rest of the fields and they will be added to the object automatically.
    2. For the object we will check the is Multiple checkbox (2) and then click the + (3) to enter the Model screen. 

    Figure 4: Added Object to Outputs

    1. In the Model screen, we will check the Is Array checkbox (4) and then click Ok (5).

    Figure 5: Model Screen

    1. In the relevant digital process we will set a new object (array) with the same name.

    Figure 6: Digital Process Model

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