EasySend Analytics Introduction
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    EasySend Analytics Introduction

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    The following article describes EasySend’s analytics module. It explains how to navigate to the module and its structure.

    Analytics Module Overview

    EasySend’s analytics module was created to empower customers to make better data-driven business and operational decisions while boosting their business outcomes.

    Each customer has personalized responsive dashboards that enable them to view different information such as:

    • Processes conversion rates
    • Organization performance evaluation
    • Revenue analysis
    • Trends identification

    Data in the dashboards is displayed in a rich variety of visualization types that can be adjusted to different filters.

    How to Access EasySend Analytics

    (See Figure 1 and Figure 2)

    To access EasySend Analytics, perform the following steps:

    Figure 1: Navigating to EasySend Analytics

    1. Click Measure (1).
    2. Click EasySend Analytics (2).


           The EasySend Analytics screen appears:

    Figure 2: EasySend Analytics

    EasySend Analytics Structure

    Figure 3 and Table 1 describe the structure of the EasySend Analytics screen.

    Figure 3: EasySend Analytics Screen

    Table 1: EasySend Analytics Screen








    The default tab displays information about:

    • Transactions
    • Top processes
    • Conversion rates



    Process analysis

    Displays process analysis information and page visits information



    Business Insights

    Displays dashboards that were created by authoring users in your environment



    Enables to:

    • Reset any changes to the displayed data
    • Undo changes
    • Redo changes




    Enables to filter the displayed information according to the:

    • From/To Date
    • Business group or process



    Display area

    Displays information according to the selected tab



    Edit Mode

    Enables to perform authoring actions

    EasySend Analytics Data Sources

    EasySend analytics is live and updates all the time. It receives data to display from three different resources:

    • The Model
    • The Webflow
    • Live processes
    • It is important to note that the analytics data is displayed only for process that were deployed to a production environment.
    • For additional information about the Model and processes as a source of data, click here (TBD).

    Webflow as a Data Source

    (See Figure 4 and Figure 5)

    The Webflow provides information about the pages that comprise the digital process. For example, when building a Webflow and adding pages, each page will receive a unique name and its analysis will be displayed under the Process analysis tab and Page Visits.

    Figure 4: Webflow Example

    When changing and deploying a Webflow a new version of it is created. Versions are available to view when clicking the icon (1). Versions tracking is important when displaying Page visits analysis.

    Figure 5: Versions


    For additional information about the Process Analysis tab, click here (TBD).

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