EasySend Analytics - Authoring Capabilities
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    EasySend Analytics - Authoring Capabilities

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    The following article describes what EasySend analytics capabilities are. It details the different user types and their permissions and explains what the Business Insights tab is.

    What are Authoring Capabilities?

    (See Figure 1)

    EasySend Analytics enables EasySend platform users in your organization to view dashboards under the Overview, Process Analysis, and Business Insights tabs.

    The Overview and Process Analysis dashboards are pre-built. The information they display can be adjusted according to filters but the dashboards themselves are read-only and cannot be edited.

    Figure 1: EasySend Analytics Dashboards

    Dashboards that appear under the business insights tab are custom-made by users with advanced permissions.

    EasySend analytics - User Types and Permissions

    Table 1 describes the types of EasySend analytics users and their permissions.

    User Type

    View all Dashboards 

    Create New Dashboards

    Publish Dashboards

    Share Dashboards

    Store Data Items













    • Dashboards:
      • Overview
      • Process analysis
      • Business Insights
    • To learn about authoring capabilities, click here.
    • To learn more about storing data items, click here.
    To apply user types and permissions, please contact EasySend's support team.

    What is the Business Insights tab?

    (See Figure 2)

    With analytics authoring capabilities you can create custom dashboards, publish, and display them in your EasySend Analytics environment under the Business Insights tab.

    Figure 2: EasySend Analytics Dashboards

    For example, you could compare this month's average value of insured homes to last month's or break down the different types of businesses you insured in the last 30 days.

    With this information, you can better target your audience and create more personalized experiences.

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