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    Bulk Sender

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    The following article describes the Bulk Sender feature. It explains what the Bulk Sender is used for and how to use it.

    What is the Bulk Sender?

    The Bulk Sender feature enables you to upload a list of recipients and send them a link of the same digital process at once as a batch. Each link will be personalized with pre-filled data according to the Model data items of the process. 

    (See Figure 1 and Figure 2)

    To navigate to the Bulk Sender screen, perform the following steps:

    Figure 1: Operate Tab

    1. Click the Operate tab (1).


    The Operate tab options appear:

    Figure 2: Bulk Sender Option

    1. Click the Bulk Sender option (2).

    Bulk Sender Main Screen

    Figure 3 and Table 1 describe the structure of the Bulk Sender screen.

    Figure 3: Bulk Sender Screen

    Table 1: Bulk Sender Screen






    Enables to filter the batches list according to a status:

    • Approved
    • Pending Approval
    • Admin Rejection
    • Archived 
    Approved, Pending Approval, and Admin Rejection are checked by default



    Enables to search batches according to their name


    Create New Batch

    Enables to create a new batch

    For additional information about creating a new batch, see the Creating a New Batch section


    Displays a list of batches

    For additional information about batches, see the Batches List section

    Batches List

    (See Figure 4)

    The batches list displays a list of batches with the following information:

    • Batch Name.
    The list of batches can be sorted according to the batch name column. 
    • The name of the digital process.
    • Sender Email- the name of the platform user that created the batch.
    • The date and time the batch was created.
    • X/Y Sent - how many recipients exist (Y) and how many links were sent (X).
    • The status of the batch:
    A batch that has not been approved or rejected will receive the Pending Approval status.

    Figure 4: Batches List

    Creating a New Batch

    (See Figure 5 to Figure 15)

    A batch is created to send multiple links of a digital process to receipts. Each link will contain personalized pre-filled data according to the Model data items of the process. To create a new batch perform the following steps:

    Figure 5: + Create New Batch Button

    1. Click the + Create New Batch button (1).


            The New Batch window appears:

    Figure 6: New Batch Window

    1. Click the Select A Process dropdown (2).


            A list of digital processes appears:

    Figure 7: List of Processes

    1. Select a process from the list (3).
    Only live processes that were deployed to a production environment can be selected from the list.


            A file is created:

    Figure 8: Download Example File

    1. Click the Download Example File option (4).


            The file is downloaded.

    1. Open the file and fill out the information according to the displayed columns, save when done.

    Figure 9: File

    • The columns of the file are the process's Model data items.
    • It is not mandatory to fill out all the columns but according to the process's workflow, at least one communication channel (email or phone number) must be provided per recipient.    

    Figure 10: Upload csv/excel File Button

    1. Click the Upload csv/excel File button (5) and upload the file you edited.


            The file is uploaded (6) and the Next button (7) becomes enabled:

    Figure 11: Uploaded File

    • It is possible to rename the file before uploading.
    • If the uploaded file belongs to a different process, not a CSV or an Excel file, or empty, an appropriate error message will appear:

    1. Click the Next button (7).


            The Batch Name appears:

    Figure 12: Batch Name

    1. Update the Batch Name (8) if necessary.
    2. Click the Next button (9).


            The batch is added to the batches list:

    Figure 13: Added Batch

    1. Click the Approve button (10).


            The status of the batch is updated to Approved (11):

    Figure 14: Approved Batch

    1. Click the refresh icon (12)


            The X/Y Sent field of the batch displays the number of sent links (13):

    Figure 15: Updated X/Y Sent Field

    For the links to be sent a Workflow Manager step must be configured with a communication output channel (Email or SMS) for the Start phase. For additional information about the Workflow Manager see the Workflow Manager Overview and the Configuring a Workflow articles.

    Batches - Additional Actions

    (See Figure 16 and Figure 17)

    When hovering above a batch 3 dots appear. Clicking the dots display three additional actions (1):

    • Reject - to change the status of the batch to rejected. The status change will affect only links that were not sent yet.
    • Archive - to archive the batch.
    • Download - to download the CSV/Excel file.

    Figure 16: Additional Actions

    When the file is downloaded after the batch links were sent it will contain a column displaying the sending status for each recipient:

    Figure 17: Downloaded File After Sending


    Table 2 describes malfunctions that may occur when trying to create a new batch. The table also describes the reason/s for the malfunctions and provides possible solutions.

    Table 2: Troubleshooting






    Cannot select a process from the list

    The process was not deployed to a production environment yet

    Deploy the process to a production environment 


    The Download Example File option is active but when clicking it the file is not downloaded 

    Browser settings that prevent the file from being downloaded

    Please contact our support team


    The downloaded file cannot be uploaded

    • The file is empty
    • The file belongs to a different process
    • The file is not an Excel or a CSV file

    Follow the instructions described in the Creating a New Batch section


    Links/some links are not sent after clicking the refresh icon

    • The Workflow manager does not contain a step with an output communication channel (Email or SMS for the start phase.
    • Email or phone number information is missing from the file


    Missing batches from the batches list

    The batches list is filtered according to statues 

    Adjust the status filtering of the batches list (for additional information see the bulk Sender Main Screen section)

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