Authoring Landing Screen
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    Authoring Landing Screen

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    Article Overview

    The following article describes the structure of the authoring screen.

    Accessing the Authoring Screen

    To access the authoring screen, perform the following steps:

    Figure 1: Navigating to EasySend Analytics

    1. Click Measure (1).
    2. Click EasySend Analytics (2).


            The EasySend Analytics main screen appears:

    Figure 2: Edit mode Button

    1. Click the Edit Mode button (3).


           The authoring screen appears.

    Authoring Screen Description

    Figure 3 and Table 1 describe the structure of the authoring screen.

    Figure 3: The Authoring Screen

    Table 1: The Authoring Screen





    Left Pane

    Contains different options such as creating new items, navigating to other screens, and organizing information


    For additional information, see the Left Pane options section


    Display Section

    Displays information according to a selected option from the left pane


    Display Options

    Enables to perform the following actions

    • Sort the information in the display section (newest/oldest or A-Z/Z-A)
    • Sets the view in the display section:
      • List
      • Tiles


    New analysis

    Enables to create a new analysis

    • Analysis is the default landing screen
    • This button does not appear on other screens

    Left Pane Options

    The left pane contains the following options:

    • Search bar - enables searching for different items.
    • Favorites - displays analyses and dashboards marked as favorites.
    • Recent - displays recently viewed analyses and dashboards.
    • My folders - enables to create personal folders for organizing:
      • Analyses
      • Datasets
      • Dashboards
    • Shared folders - displays folders that were shared with you. Shared folders are used for sharing published dashboards that will appear under the Business Insights tab.
    For additional information about publishing and sharing dashboards, click here.
    • Dashboards - displays your dashboards in tiles or a list
    • Analyses:
      • Displays your analyses in tiles or a list
      • Enables you to create a new analysis
    • Datasets - displays a list of datasets:
      • Your datasets that were created using Model data items from your environment 
      • Built-in datasets for the Overview and the Process Analysis dashboards
    • Community - not covered in this article

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